How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for the Warm Season

Key Pointers for Essential Annual Maintenance


Do you Maintain your AC Unit?

A well maintained AC unit will save significant money on utility bills while keeping your house or office space cool. Meaning you’ll only have to hire commercial HVAC services in Bucks County and surrounding areas if there is a serious issue with your AC. There are numerous ways that you can prepare your air conditioner and property for the summer months.

Evaluate the Air Flow in your Building:

Navigate through your building and identify each and every vent on the property. Check that all these vents are uncovered and open, trying to ensure that each of them has at least a foot of clearance. At the same time, flick any ceiling fans over to summer setting to encourage continuous airflow throughout your property. Remember that keeping doors open will also encourage great air flow and help to stop your AC system from doing overtime.

Replace the Filters on your AC Unit:

Air filters on any AC unit should be replaced a minimum of every three months when the system has been in use. Those of you who have pets that shed fur or hair may need to think about replacing the filters more regularly. Air filters help to protect against damp, mold, and allergens, so don’t forget their importance.

Double Check the Ductwork:

Ductwork that is connected to your vents is likely to be attached with staples or nails. This means that it can easily detach from the vent hole. If this happens, the cold air that is leaving your AC may be entering your attic space instead of your home.

Try removing the vent cover and check whether or not the duct is secured all the way around. If not, use some needle nose pliers to carefully pull the duct back into place and seal it shut with a staple gun or nail gun. Remember: Leaky ducts cost money and can overwork your AC unit.

Double Check the Coolant Line:

The coolant line should be covered in thick foam. The purpose of this is to provide insulation, so the line doesn’t lose energy. If you can’t see any foam or the foam is damaged, replace it. Failing this, you can purchase foam insulation sheets that will fit around the line.

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