ac repair bucks countyAt AJM, we have experience working with a wide range of different air conditioner makes and models. When a malfunctioning AC unit stumps our competitors and they are pushing for a replacement, we offer affordable repair options. Our premium parts and excellent installation will keep your air conditioning running smoothly for years to come.

If you own a home or run a business in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Delaware or New Jersey, then you could benefit from our expert air conditioning repair contractors.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner Repair?

Have you ever turned on your AC during a scorching hot day and not gotten a whisper of cold air? That is the absolute worst time to find out that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly!

If you remain mindful, however, you may notice that your AC is struggling before you are left sweating and miserable. Call one of our air conditioning repair technicians right away if you see any of these warning signs:

  • Your home has hot and cold areas
  • Your AC unit is leaking water or refrigerant
  • Your equipment is making grinding, grating or squealing noises
  • Your energy bills are rising over time
  • Your air conditioner smells pungent or musty

Avoid Costly Repairs with Our Maintenance Services

With our AC maintenance services, you can find out about issues before they require a costly repair. If it receives preventative, annual maintenance, your air conditioner will also have a longer lifespan and better energy efficiency. The best time to schedule your air conditioner maintenance is in the spring — before the full heat of summer arrives.

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

With our 24/7 emergency air conditioning repairs, we will keep your family safe and comfortable even if issues arise on the weekend, late at night or during a holiday. We will answer your call and arrive at your home quickly to address your concerns.

It is especially critical that you call about our 24/7 emergency repair service if your AC is:

  • Completely non-functional (especially during a heat wave!)
  • Causing water damage to your property
  • Experiencing dangerous electrical issues

We Offer Outstanding AC Repair Service

We understand that our customers in Bucks County, Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey need working air conditioning to stay comfortable during hot and muggy summers. That’s why our staff works quickly to keep your home cool and comfortable. We offer excellent repairs when your air conditioning can be fixed and reliable air conditioning installation services when it’s time for a new system.

You Can Trust Our Expert Technicians

Our team is detail-oriented, highly-professional and exceptionally knowledgeable. We respect your time, so we offer flexible scheduling and ensure that we arrive when you expect us to. We are also considerate of your home. Unlike other companies, we will not leave a trail of muddy boot prints on your carpet or ugly marks on your walls.

You can schedule an AC check-up or an air conditioning repair by giving our team at AJM a call today or sending us a message online.


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