Common Furnace Issues That Homeowners Should Keep Their Eye Out For

Surviving the winter weather is never easy for residents along the northeast coast. Homeowners who know their heating system is getting up there in age may want to keep their eye out for some easy-to-spot issues. Getting out in front of small issues can help avoid needing a whole new HVAC system installed. We here at AJM Mechanical HVAC, the top choice for heating repair in Philadelphia, can help homeowners survive the winter season comfortably indoors.

If you think your furnace is on its last legs, keep an eye out for these common heating issues:


Problems With Airflow

Before you start to keep an eye out for any other issues, we recommend checking to see if the airflow coming out of your vents is coming out at full strength. Since most homeowners use their HVAC unit during the winter to keep their home warm compared to keeping their home cool in the summer, most of the buildup and debris is formed during the winter months. Not changing your dirty filters can lead to extensive damage to your unit.


Just Not Warm Enough Inside

One of the easiest issues to spot is an overall lack of heat. If you have your temperature set high and still get the chills when entering a new room, there is a good chance you have a heating issue on your hands. A lack of hot air can be an indicator that there is an issue with your unit’s compressor. Give us a call, and we’ll help pinpoint and address the issue for you.


Unit Constantly Turning Off and On

Setting your thermostat on a certain temperature will make your system turn off periodically as the house reaches a certain temperature. However, if you are constantly noticing your unit turning off and on multiple times in a short time period, you may have an issue with your unit on your hands. There are many issues that could be causing this to happen. Our team of trained technicians is able to find issues and address them quickly.

Anyone interested in more information when it comes to your homes HVAC unit or in need of furnace replacement in the Bucks County area can give us a call anytime at 215-398-4811.