Common Furnace Problems to Watch Out For During the Cold Season

It’s tough to think about the prospect of living in a cold home during the winter months. However, it is not so uncommon for furnace systems to fail or break down, especially if you forget to book yearly maintenance tune-ups.

To help avoid problems down the road, we present five of the most common furnace problems homeowners may experience — courtesy of AJM Mechanical HVAC, your prime source for heating repair in Philadelphia.


1. Lack of upkeep

This is probably the top reason for most furnace problems, although it is quite easy to avoid. Some regular maintenance bills are far less when compared to the higher costs of a total system replacement.


2. Not changing air filters

Filter issues are frequently the result of a lack of adequate maintenance. Filters can easily become clogged due to the dirt and dust in the air. The best way to resolve this problem is to make sure that filters are cleaned regularly or to replace them at least once every four to eight weeks to ensure that the furnace is working efficiently.


3. Ignition problems

As much as we may think that we can check the pilot light on our own, it is strongly recommended that you leave it to a professional. You may end up causing even more damage to your system while attempting to diagnose the problem.


4. Restricted air flow

If you are experiencing problems with your furnace’s airflow, it may be because of a leak in the ductwork, mechanical problems in the system, closed air vents, or even some combination.


5. Thermostat issues

Your heating system may be functioning just fine, but a faulty thermostat can completely throw off the temperature in your house. To address this, it may be as easy as replacing the batteries — otherwise, you may need to get your thermostat’s calibrations inspected by a professional.

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