Should I Have My Ductwork Cleaned?

Many people don’t pay mind to their ductwork, much less think about getting it cleaned. It’s there. It works. Why think about it?

While it’s easy to take this approach when it comes to your home’s ductwork, homeowners should consider having it cleaned to improve the air quality throughout their house and increase their HVAC unit’s efficiency. Cleaning your home’s ductwork is a job that should be done by professionals, ensuring a thorough cleaning. At AJM HVAC, we provide residential HVAC services in Bucks County and the surrounding areas, including expert ductwork services. In this blog, we’ll go over what’s being cleaned when we clean your ducts and the benefits your home will receive as a result of this process.

What’s Being Cleaned?

When we clean your home’s ductwork, we’ll be focusing our efforts of removing contaminants such as:

  • Substantial Mold
  • Rodents or Insects
  • Dust and Debris
  • Pet Dander

Mold can be one of the highest risk factors and can greatly influence the health of the people who live in your home. Not only can mold, especially in combination with dust and debris, cause asthma and allergy problems, but it can also be the cause of frequent headaches or nausea. Breathing clean air on a daily basis is important. Make sure that you’re putting you and your family’s health first.

What’s the Benefit?

A clear benefit, as we discussed, is improved health and a substantial reduction of allergens that could be causing asthma or other conditions. Another advantage, though, is the improvement of your HVAC unit’s overall efficiency.

When there is a buildup of mold, dust, debris, or pet dander, it can cause a blockage, clog, or, in extreme cases, total system failure. When the system is cleaned, you can be sure that these factors won’t be affecting the performance of your unit and you may even see a substantial improvement on your energy bill.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned Today

We believe everyone should have clean ducts and higher in-home air quality. We are one of the best HVAC companies in Delaware County and hope to help many families around the Greater Philadelphia Area with this issue.

Not sure of the last time that your ducts were cleaned? It’s probably time for you to get them checked out. When you call us at 215-398-4811, you can schedule an appointment for us to come out and inspect your home’s ductwork. Contact us today to set up a time that works best for you!