Your Guide To Stay Warm Indoors Without Using a Heater

As the holidays are just weeks away, the weather is starting to feel more and more like winter. Since we’re currently sitting in that awkward timeframe of being a little cold indoors but not wanting to turn the heat on just yet to help save some money, many of us are grabbing the blankets and long sleeves as we look for ways to stay warm. Knowing exactly when to turn on your heater on is a common dilemma this time of year.

As the top choice for furnace repair in the Philadelphia area, we here at AJM Mechanical HVAC are happy to help keep homeowners warm and cozy indoors as the temperatures start to dip lower. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, we know first-hand how brutal the winters in the City of Brotherly Love can be. Here are just some of the ways we recommend homeowners stay warm while contemplating whether or not to turn their heater on:

Close All Doors

The natural heat of your home may not be felt at all if you leave the doors in your home open. Bedrooms and side rooms that you aren’t spending a lot of time in really don’t need to be heated when you think about it. Closing all doors will help keep the living room and common rooms warmer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bundle Up

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home from work after a long day and changing into something comfortable. Throwing on a pair of sweatpants instead of basketball shorts can help you stay warm when relaxing in your home. If you just plan on hanging out on the couch for the rest of the night, grab a blanket to keep your toes nice and warm.

Make Sure Your Heater Is Good To Go

Regardless of how long you plan on waiting to turn on your heater, it is a smart move to make sure the unit is working before it gets really cold out. On top of just testing your unit for a day or two to make sure everything is working fine, we can come to inspect your unit to make your heater is ready for the task at hand this winter.

Don’t let the cold winter weather sneak up on you and run the risk of your heating unit not being ready when needed. Anyone in need of furnace repair in Delaware County can reach out to us today at 215-398-4811.